I'm David Azbill - K5NX - Kingwood Texas USA
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You are welcome to use this VOIP conference system - - k5nx.com - - k5nx.crabdance.com - - IRLP 0070 - - Allstar 27378

This Internet Voice Conference Reflector has ten channels on ten different ports

Click on a link below to see the activity log for that channel

Channel 0 - Channel 1 - Channel 2 - Channel 3 - Channel 4 - Channel 5 - Channel 6 - Channel 7 - Channel 8 - Channel 9

How many nodes are connected to Channel 0? Click here.
List of Node Numbers

Channel Zero is an IRLP experimental reflector 0070
So, you can simply enter 0070 on an IRLP node to connect to channel 0
Channel 0 is where we normally hang out - so - if you want to say hello, meet us there


(make sure you have the following statement in the environment file of your IRLP node computer)


You can run a special script in your IRLP node for connecting
Ispeaker and Imike to the IP address and port number of this reflector


You can run the speak freely software from your windows computer.
Download the software here
Just drage the executable to your desktop and double click
There is no need to install on windows

Download Executable here
Download zip file here

A script to run on your Linux computer for connecting to this reflector is shown below:


sleep 1 
decode 9000 
sleep 1 
killall ispeaker  
sleep 1  
killall imike  
sleep 1 
ispeaker -p2074 >/dev/null 2>&1 & 
imike -F >/dev/null 2>&1 & 
echo "you are now connected to the K5NX reflector port 2074 channel 0  at" 


You can access any of the ten channels
by simply changing the port number 2074 in the above script
to one of the other channels

Port 2074 = Channel 0
Port 2076 = Channel 1
Port 2078 = Channel 2
Port 2080 = Channel 3
Port 2082 = Channel 4
Port 2084 = Channel 5
Port 2086 = Channel 6
Port 2088 = Channel 7
Port 2090 = Channel 8
Port 2092 = Channel 9

If you want to use a Linux computer instead of windows then you will use Ispeaker and Imike.
All Linux IRLP nodes come with Ispeaker and Imike in the /home/irlp/bin folder
If you don't yet have an IRLP node then
Download the zip file of these two linux binaries here:
Ispeaker Imike Zip File

Speak-freely download from sourceforge - - Speak-freely user's manual

Links to all the popular ham voip systems

IRLP system (list of all IRLP nodes) - Allstar system - Echolink system - Speakfreely VOIP software - Yaesu Wires-X

Helpful Tutorial for IRLP Beginners

IRLP tutorial for beginners


Download the PDF file of the tutorial

Gary McDuffie notes and commands

Some Popular Allstar Status Page Links

List of All Allstar Nodes

27378 Allstar Bridge to IRLP 0070

27327 David K5NX

44164 Fred W5MGM

43597 Craig K1BDX

27314 Greg KD3SU bridge to IRLP 0051

27516 Greg KD3SU

29332 Russ WL7LP

42257 Chris NL7EZ

27225 Philadelphia Hub

42610 South Texas 900 MHz Hub

41170 900 MHz Hub

Join in the fun with an App for your Smart Phone

The Echolink App that runs on Android or Iphone Smart phones

Echolink App

The Zoiper Smartphone App can directly connect to an Allstar node

Zoiper dot com
Zoiper at Google Play Store

How to make your own Raspberry Pi IRLP node with VPN

instructions from Greg KD3SU

Go to the "build your own pi" web page

wiring diagram for Nano-node to Alinco radio

The Bridge from IRLP 0070 to Allstar 27378

Click here for full size photo

Featured Photo of the Day - From NL7EZ

Click here for Putty and Winscp zip file download